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Facility Management Services

Our “Better Together” Service Program

Thank you for your interest in the Synergy Facility Management Service Program. The SFM Service Program provides robust value and cost-effective care for your property. By utilizing our expertise and network of professional contractors, we offer total coverage of your facility. Once you become a member of the SFM Service Program, you will have access to on-demand professional maintenance and a large list of trusted contractors to ensure your property is kept at peak performance. Each program is tailor made to suit your specific needs, so you only pay for the services that you require.

Free Contract Management

Already have a contractor that does great work? Fantastic! Let us handle the leg work of managing the contract and ensuring they fulfill it as required. Not happy with a current contract? Allow us to provide bids from multiple trusted contractors and let you decide who you would like to use. Your facility, Your way!

Free Project Management

Any large project that needs to utilize our trusted network of contractors is free. This includes gathering multiple quotes for the work and also ensuring the project is performed to your satisfaction. We provide options, not ultimatums!

The Facility Report

A thorough, monthly, 20 point inspection of your property with detailed notes, photos and the severity of issues that are found. Our facility report provides insight into the overall condition of your property. We believe in a proactive approach to property management, not reactive. This has a small upfront cost that prevents huge emergency repairs in the future. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Professional Technicians

Our technicians are familiar with your facility. Once you become part of the SFM program, detailed notes are taken so each of our technicians know your property just as well as you do.

Emergency Response

You have access to preferred emergency response. We can be dispatched the same day to ensure your facility receives the immediate care it deserves.

Same Day Solutions

Most issues found can be resolved the same day, during the same visit. Since we have a wide array of skilled tradesmen, our technicians can provide solutions to most any repair required in one visit. This ensures efficiency and also keeps repairs cost-effective.

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