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Who We Are

Synergy Facility Management inc. is a one stop solution for all your facility’s needs. We offer professional service in many trades and also manage existing service contracts. Stop chasing multiple contractors and remembering "who" to call when something has gone wrong. One call to Synergy FM and our administration handles all of the leg work. We can dispatch our expert technicians or consult your preferred contractor. 

The Better Together Care Package

Your personalized care package provides total umbrella coverage to ensure your facility is always pristine and it’s efficiency is at it’s highest. We believe that prevention is key which is why we offer a Monthly Analysis Survey. This survey provides a thorough condition report for your facility’s assets as well as timely,  cost effective solutions to any issues found. 


One call, every solution


One call to Synergy FM inc. and we can service your every maintenance need. There is never a fee for simply showing up and we solve multiple problems in one visit. We are the most cost effective way to keep your facility operating. Some services offered are HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, doors, locks, windows and general maintenance.


Call or message us today and see how being with Synergy Facility Management we can be Better Together!

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